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Owner, Joseph G. Cherry, maintains a commitment to first-rate service and quality workmanship. This has set the standard by which all other painters and paper hangers are measured.

Joe personally works beside his crew on every job. The crew is clean, courteous, efficient, and extremely skilled.

With J. G. Cherry & Son, you not only get a professional, you get an honest experienced friend in the painting and wall covering installation business. We work closely with interior designers and general contractors, ensuring the best possible results for you. Our experienced workers guarantee quality and clean, prompt service.

Don't trust your painting and wall covering installation needs to anyone with a brush or just anyone that suggests they know how to hang wallpaper. Wall covering installation is an art and a craft. Joe provides quality master craftsmanship with every wall covering installation job.

J. G. Cherry & Son is insured and knowledgeable. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise that will exceed your expectations.



J. G. Cherry & Son Professional Painting and Paper Hanging, "Your Personal Professional," is insured. Insurance certificates are always happily and promptly provided upon request. A certificate of insurance is official written documentation verifying the existence of an insurance policy.

When selecting a painting contractor, or any contractor to perform services at your home, it is critical you verify whether that person is insured. When you hire workers that do not have insurance, they may be less responsible than insured contractors. Asking about insurance coverage is also a good way to determine if a business is legitimate and reliable. It is always best to pay a little more for someone who is insured than to take the risk of hiring an uninsured worker.

Fully insured contractors are always willing to have their broker provide you with a valid certificate of insurance. Before hiring anyone, ask them to provide you with this document and don't hesitate to call and verify the policy. Professional contractors will never attempt to convince a homeowner that insurance is not necessary.


The DIY television programs make painting, staining, wallpaper installation and many home improvement projects look simple. Please keep in mind this work can be more physically demanding and complex than anticipated. All materials are included in our proposals. After you add up the cost of brushes, rollers, tape, and quality paint products, combined with the time you will need to put into the job, it is often more cost effective to hire your very own personal professional! Quality professional home improvement services are a smart investment for your property.

We offer competitive pricing. Let us come to your home or business to look at what you want to have done. We will give you a complimentary custom proposal. We are confident you will find we provide quality service at excellent competitive pricing.

We service residential & commercial customers.