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HGTV says "From traditional and classic to bold and graphic, wallpaper is back in a big way!" Wall covering can offer room-transforming, style-defining power!

It is important each roll of wall covering has the same item number and lot number to assure each roll matches exactly in color. Wall covering rolls that do not have identical numbers may not match. Please consult with your store or decorating center at time of purchase regarding this important subject. We will work with you, your interior design decorator, or the expert consultants at Factory Paint Stores.

Wall covering will be trimmed and paneled for aesthetics and installed per the manufacturer's specifications.

Need we say more? Hire Joe Cherry, your personal professional. Wallpaper is back but it's not Lucy's wallpaper! Today's modern styles will amaze you! Have your wallpaper, border, grass cloth, mural, specialty designer wall covering installed by your personal professional and enjoy today's modern look.

We service residential & commercial customers.